Investing in Next-Generation Network Technologies

Turnium Technology Group Inc. is a holding company designed to invest in, or acquire, companies that are building next-generation Internet and networking technologies with a focus on software-defined networking.

Technologies including cloud computing, software-defined networking, containerization, edge computing, 5G and Internet of Things are transforming the telecommunications and networking businesses. Traditional networks built using private telecom networks and proprietary hardware are being replaced by software-driven networks that leverage the national and global reach and power of the Internet. Together with commodity white-label computers, software-driven virtual networks and Internet enable new business opportunities and alternatives to the geographical and resource limited options of the past.

TMP is investing in technologies and companies that work with these technologies to create next generation Internet and networks.

Turnium Technology Group Inc. invests in companies that are creating software-defined networks for competitive service providers, enterprises, and small-medium business.

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